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Discover experiences

  • What it's like not to be concerned with viruses —at all.
  • How to deploy the same OS and software on multiple workstations without licensing fees.
  • Free software available for your expanding needs.
  • The pleasure and the power of being able to customize your own operating system.
  • A well-designed disk filesystem that supports your system's performance.

...the MEPIS Linux OS

  • MEPIS Linux was founded by industry veteran Warren Woodford in November 2002, wanting something that “just works.”
  • The first version was released May 2003 and soon broke into the Top 10 on Distrowatch.
  • Twin goals of the OS are stability and ease of use.
  • The rock solid base derives from Debian Stable.
  • Core development remains in Warren's hands, though members of the MEPIS Users Community contribute code as well.
  • A Community Repository allows users to enjoy the MEPIS stability without forsaking progress in applications.

...intriguing possibilities

  • More than one OS installed, so that you choose which you want when you boot.
  • A complete OS you can boot and run from a CD-ROM or USB stick without installation.
  • The ability to view and copy files from another OS, even if it won't boot up.
  • An easy method to use another OS, including Windows, in a virtual environment so you don't have to keep rebooting back and forth.