Burning MEPIS CD in Linux

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Use 700MB blank CDs.

  1. Start K3b:
  2. Go to Tools -> Burn CD image, select the .iso file you want to burn.
  3. Wait until the MD5 is calculated and compare it with the one that you got from the site you downloaded the .iso file, the MD5 should match, otherwise it means you have a corrupted file.
  4. Select verify written data check-box. After the CD is written K3b will read it and compare the result with the MD5 sum of the .iso file to make sure it's a good burn.
  5. Before you click Start, select the burning speed, it's advisable to use a lower speed: 4x - 8x.


(Tip: If you are going to try Mepis on the same computer where you burned the CD, consider the nice fromiso option before deleting the ISO image file.)

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