Burning MEPIS CD in Windows

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Use 700MB blank CDs.

  1. Download Cheetah Burner. Imgburn is another highly recommended freeware ISO creator and burner for Windows, or you could use nero
  2. Install the program.
  3. Put a blank 700MB CD in your drive. Start the burning program of your choice. It is important to make sure you are burning the image, not just copying the ISO file to the disc. Please refer to the documentation with your program of choice.

If you use a blank DVD to burn the ISO, it will boot, run, and install faster. This is due to the much higher data transfer rate of DVDs. In your burner program, just choose to burn a DVD ISO image. ISO files are not CD or DVD specific.

(Tip: If you are going to try Mepis on the same computer where you burned the CD, consider the nice fromiso option before deleting the ISO image file.)

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