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This page details how to change the images that are displayed when you boot and when you shutdown the computer



  1. Open System Settings --> Appearance --> Splash Screen


  1. KDE themes are in /etc/splashy/themes/default
  2. MEPIS themes are in /etc/splashy/themes/mepis
  3. You can switch from the one to the other by copying all files in the first, then pasting in the second agreeing to overwrite all.


  1. Themes are in /etc/splashy/themes/default
  2. Remaining directions are as in 6.0-4

MEPIS 6.5.02

Is same as 6.0-4

MEPIS 6.0-4

  1. Log in as root
  2. Add in /etc/splashy/themes/SimplyMEPIS the images that you want to use for bootsplash. You can use two images: one for boot up and the other one for shut down (or you can have only one image that is displayed both times). Images have to have .jpg extension. To make it simple name them startup.jpg and shutdown.jpg
  3. Edit theme.xml file in the same directory, search for these lines:

and replace the file name like this:


Don't forget to save the file.


  1. In 6.0 final, you don't have to edit the 'config.xml.' What you do instead, is just rename the image files in /etc/splashy/themes/default. (there should be 3 image files there, 'mepis_boot,' 'mepis_down.jpg,' and 'mepis_error.jpg'
  2. Open that folder as root, then rename the existing image file to 'mepis_boot.jpg' to "mepis_boot.jpg.old," or something similar, then move your new image into that folder, and rename it to 'mepis_boot.jpg.' (make sure the new image file is 1024x768 and is a .jpg file) Do the same thing with the other image, 'mepis_down.jpg.'
  3. You can also edit the progress bar by editing the values of the config.xml file in /etc/splashy

Feel free to use these images if you like them better than the default one. Click on them to get the full resolution image and then right click and save them on your computer.

Startup image Shutdown image

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