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Click System Settings icon --> Default Applications


1. From Control Center -> KDE Components -> Component Chooser

Or in konsole or run command:

kcmshell componentchooser

2. Select "Web Browser" -> Select "in the following browser" -> type the command for your browser:

  • for Firefox: "firefox -new-tab" (without the quotes)
  • for Opera: "opera -newtab" (without the quotes)

3. If you want your browser to open html files do this: From Control Center -> KDE Components -> File Association -> Search for "html" -> Expand text category -> Select HTML -> Click "Add" -> Enter the command for your browser (e.g. for Opera: "opera -newtab %u" without the quotes). If the browser you want is already listed, you won't need to add it. Instead, select it under 'Application Preference Order' and hit the 'Move Up' button until it's at the top of the list.

Click "Apply"

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