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Kernel Logs

A quick check of kernel messages is given by the command



dmesg | tail

for a shorter version that lists the most recent log entries.

System Logs

Various systems logs can be found in


You must examine these text files as root. Some important ones are

  • auth.log See how, when, and who has been logging onto your system
  • kern.log Log of kernel messages.
  • messages Repeat of auth.log, cron, mail

Other files containing *.0 or *.1.gz, *.2.gz, ... are rolling archives of the log.

Boot Logs

By default, MEPIS does not store the boot messages that can be seen during the boot process. To turn it on, edit as root the file /etc/default/bootlogd and change No to Yes. Re-boot and the messages will be stored in /var/log/boot.

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