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How to enable per-folder view settings in Konqueror

Konqueror is capable of saving individual view settings for each folder, but the option for this is not present in its configuration page. To enable this feature you will need to edit your konqueror configuration file:

  • Open your konqueror configuration file in kate (or kwrite)
kate ~/.kde/share/config/konquerorrc
  • Locate the section "[MainView Settings]"
  • Add this line to it:
  • Save the file. Restart any running instances of Konqueror

Now, whenever you change view settings (such as setting tree or icon view, changing icon sizes, etc), this setting will be saved per folder. The settings are saved in a file within the folder called ".directory".

You should be able to make this change system-wide (if you have multiple users) by doing the same edit to /etc/kde3/konquerorrc. Naturally, you'll need to do this as root.

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