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A List of resource and help pages for editing the Wiki

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Mepis Wiki page: Mepis Wiki Help Contents

Pages on the website:
Help:Editing —Introduction to editing Wiki pages, with the major things to keep in mind. Decent overview.
Wikitext examples — Shows you what to type to get your text to look like the example. Good for beginners!
Advanced editing — Almost everything you need on one page. Definitely use this one!
Wikimedia Help Contents page — links to more Wiki editing resources than you'll probably need or want!

Things to keep in mind

  • A page is no good if no-one can find it. Please add one or more navigational links to your newly created Wiki Page.
  • At a minimum, you do need to add the following at the end of your document:

[[Category: whatever category this page belongs in]]

This tag will cause the Category link to appear at the bottom of your page, and will automatically enter a link to your page on the "whatever category this page belongs in" Category index page. Here is the list of existing Categories: Help:Categories Failure in this regard may result in your being hunted down by wild bears, or Jerry, or Adrian &mdash or even run over by a small British Car; whichever happens to be the one you fear most. . .

  • If you need help ask for it. We are glad for extra hands and minds. And even gladder when we can head off mistakes that we won't later need to spend time and effort undoing. At a minimum, add this label to the bottom of a page you've worked on that you are unsure about:

[[Category:Needs updating]]

Thanks for helping out with the MEPIS Wiki!
All the best,
SilverBear 14:57, 21 June 2007 (EDT)

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