How to upgrade to KDE 3.5.5

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!!! Warning! The info contained in this article pertains to older versions of MEPIS !!!
This was tested on SimplyMEPIS 6.0 which comes with KDE 3.5.3 This is an experimental process that might break your system (media detection for example) if you want a stable system don't try this.

  • Add these lines to /etc/apt/sources.list
# KDE 3.5.5
deb dapper main
  • Enable Ubuntu backports pools (remove "#" before the deb address)
  • Run these commands to import the authentication key:
su -c "apt-key add kubuntu-packages-jriddell-key.gpg"
  • Run these commands:
apt-get update
apt-get dist-upgrade -t dapper
  • The last command might end with some errors, you'll have to run:
apt-get -f install

This command will remove important packages, don't restart the computer after you run it, make sure you copy the names of the removed packages and install them back, with a command like this:

apt-get install kaudiocreator kdebase kdesktop kdm konq-kim konq-plugins konqueror smb4k -t dapper

(respond "N" to all the prompts to install configuration files provided by package maintainer)

  • If you have problems automounting USB devices and CDROMs, you need to install ivman package, you also need to make it start automatically at boot by linking it in ~/.kde/Autostart folder:
apt-get install ivman
ln -s /usr/bin/ivman ~/.kde/Autostart/ivman
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