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This Tip is for those desiring to install SimplyMEPIS on a hard disk other than sda or hda AND it is also desired to install the grub bootloader on the same hard disk MBR as the desired installation disk.

Scenario: You may currently have Windows installed on your first hard disk (sda or hda) as the Windows bootloader prefers to be installed here as well. You do not desire to edit the first hard disk MBR, but would like to be able to boot Windows from the grub bootloader installed on the second hard disk.

The SimplyMEPIS graphical installer defaults to installing grub to the MBR of the first hard disk (sda or hda), but allows the user to select an alternate disk as well. If you choose to install the grub bootloader to sda or hda and you are capable of successfully booting all of your installed operating systems afterwards, then your installation was successful and you have no further need for this tip.

However, if you choose to install grub to another disk besides sda or hda, perform the following steps:

1. If you have an available backup target, it is advisable to perform a backup of the existing data on your first hard disk.

2. Reboot your computer into BIOS. Find your "boot devices" option and open the selection menu. DO NOT MAKE CHANGES AT THIS POINT! Find your first hard disk in the list and write down the unique disk identifier (e.g. disk model/serial). Write down the same information for any other hard disks you may see. This will allow you to identify the disk in subsequent steps. Exit your BIOS without saving. boot into your first OS.

3. Put the SimplyMEPIS LiveCD in your CD Drive. Shutdown your computer.

4. Install the new hard disk if not already installed. Make a note of your new disk's model and serial number as you may need this info to identify the drive in later steps. If your first hard disk is an SATA drive, it is likely connected to the motherboard connector labeled "SATA1". If your new disk is also an SATA disk, you will connect it to a subsequent available SATA connector. Make a note of the sequence of these connections.

5. Boot the computer into BIOS and set the new disk to first in the boot order. SOME BIOS may pass this order on to the MEPIS installer, allowing the new disk to be identified as "sda" or "hda". Other BIOS, particularly if your are using multiple SATA disks, will assign a set sequence to the disks depending on their connection sequence (noted earlier); in this case, making the new disk first in the boot order will not change how SimplyMEPIS detects it. It may still be shown as sdb (c,d,e, etc).

6. Save your BIOS changes and allow the computer to boot to the MEPIS LiveCD.

7. Click on "KwikDisk" in the Panel. Installed and formatted hard disk partitions should appear in the list of available media but will likely NOT be mounted. If you have not formatted the new hard disk, it may not appear in the list. Most likely, your first hard disk will appear as "/mnt/sda1". To verify that this is your first hard disk, click on it to mount it and browse the contents to verify it actually IS your first hard disk.

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--RhoXS 18:00, 7 May 2007 (EDT)

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