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Checkinstall creates a .deb package from the compiled program and installs it. You can manage the package afterwards with the usual tools: dpkg, apt-get, KPackage, Synaptic. It's very easy to remove the package.


Install checkinstall from the repos through Synaptic or a root terminal.

NOTE: checkinstall is not available in Debian Etch and thus in MEPIS 7, see the technical explanation here. It can installed in MEPIS 7 with the deb from the Checkinstall download page.


Download the tarball source file. Open a terminal, type su to become root, then type the following in order:

1. ./configure --prefix=/usr

2. make

3. checkinstall

Then answer questions that come up. When you get to the part where it has maintainer, version number, etc., then edit the version number if you see it hasn't got a number in it. If it has letters only then you will get an error and it won't install the package.

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