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K3b is a well-developed GUI utility that has been optimized for burning CDs and DVDs in KDE.
Some common uses include:

  • To rip CD or DVD images (.iso images).
  • To create bootable Live CDs, as users routinely do with the new SimplyMEPIS releases.
  • To create DVDs for movies and CDs for music.


  • Obviously, you cannot do that much with K3b while running from the live CD. Yet you may want to backup some data before installation and K3b might be the best tool you have. Than you can boot with the Fromiso cheatcode. Your CD will just serve you as a bootloader and then you are free to eject it and use K3b for backups.

K3b home page

As of MEPIS 8 Beta 5, K3b cannot rip audio CD's to mp3 because of some issue with the current version of the lame encoder.
See http://www.mepis.org/docs/en/index.php?title=Linux_software#Music_Ripper for other ripper choices.

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