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!!! Warning! The info contained in this article pertains to older versions of MEPIS !!!

Here is the install command for a large group of applications to create a kids version of MEPIS 6.5 (not all may install in MEPIS 7.0):

apt-get install gcompris gcompris-sound-en 3dchess kbackgammon kcron atanks armagetron supertux flightgear  
supertux-data childsplay neverdata gcompris-data pingus pingus-data freeciv pingus atanks lincity eboard xjig  
lmemory bugsquish lletters xletters lingoteach lingoteach-lesson bumprace circuslinux clanbomber madbomber 
pacman groundhog tuxpaint tuxtype mathwar xtux kasteroids kolf kgoldrunner ktron kwin4 kig khangman KTuberling 
vegastrike neverball slune torcs foobillard searchandrescue imaze-lesstif scorched3d lbreakout2 torcs
beneath-a-steel-sky education-logic-games junior-games-gl junior-games-net animals asc atomix boson cappuccino 
freedoom gnome-games junior-typing ksnake lxdoom neverball pacman starvoyager trackballs trigger  
trophy tuxmath uqm viruskiller visualboyadvance wesnoth widelands wormux xbill xfishtank xracer xsoldier


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