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Starting Kmail

  • Click Kmenu --> Internet --> Mail Client (Kmail)

The Interface

  • There are nine drop down menus that are fairly standard among email clients.
  • Under that are a series of icons. Move your mouse over them to see what they are.
  • There are three different panes showing. The one on the left contains your mailboxes. The one at the top right is where your message headers are listed and below that is where the message body is displayed.

Setting up your Mail Server Settings

  1. Click Settings --> Configure Kmail. The configure window will now be open. For now we'll worry about only the Identities and Accounts sections.
  2. Highlight the "Identities" icon. On the right you'll see add,modify and rename buttons. From here you can add a new identity or modify an existing one.
    1. There is a default identity listed already, so let's click the Modify button.
    2. Enter your Name (or whatever you want to be shown on your email) and your email address in the appropriate boxes, then hit OK.
  3. Now click the "Accounts" button. From here you'll set up your Receiving and Sending options.
  4. Click the Receiving tab at the top.
    1. Click "Add" and highlight pop3 and click OK. You can change any account showing in the middle window by highlighting it and clicking the "Modify" button on the right.
    2. In the menu that pops up, you enter the name you want for your account. The "Login" and "Password" boxes are for your mail username and password that you get from your ISP. The "Host" box is for the pop address ie. "". Don't worry about the rest of the boxes and buttons for now. Just press OK
  5. Now it's time to click the Sending tab at the top.
    1. Again, if there's a default account listed, click "Modify" otherwise click "Add" This time you'll select SMTP and press OK.
    2. In the Name box, enter the same name you used in the pop setup. The "Host" will be "" or whatever your ISP tells you.
    3. Depending on your ISP you'll probably have to click the "Server requires authentication" box to make sure there's an X shown.
    4. Enter your ISP mail server Username and password. Click to X the Store SMTP Password button if you want the password to be saved.
  6. Now click OK and then APPLY and OK on the next window.

You should have a basic setup for sending and receiving email with Kmail. You can add more accounts, following the above if you have more than one email address that you want to use.


  • The config file is located in

When you make a fresh install, you will need to restore this file along with the Mail folder from the previous installation.

  • You can import email and folder structure from a variety of formats (including kmail itself) using kmail's import tool Menu --> Import messages. If that is grayed out, then you need to install kmailcvt first.


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