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KPowersave is a small Kicker applet that allows you to control all power management functions supported by your system. You can track power consumption and CPU frequency, choose another power management scheme to match the tasks your system is facing, and suspend to RAM.

Kpwsv-gen.png Kpwrsv-schm.png


Right-click the Kpowersave icon and select Configure Kpowersave. Select the settings you want for general use (left image above), and modify the schemas in any way you see fit (right image above). Click Apply after making changes to any screen before going on to the next. You may have slightly different options and appearance depending on your Mepis version.


The Kpowersave icon looks like a power plug or a battery with a strength indicator, depending on the current power mode. When the battery power is low, the background of the icon flashes, orange for Warning and red for Low or Critical. If you leave the mouse cursor over the icon, a message shows the current charge level of the battery, and the approximate amount of time left before the battery power runs out.


See Suspend


  • Kpowersave Guide -- somewhat dated but still useful, also available through the Help menu.
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