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The action initiated by closing the lid of a laptop is controlled by KPowersave.

By default, closing the lid locks the screen. When the lid is raised again and any key is hit, a dialogue box pops up indicating the user's name who locked the screen and asking for that user's password to unlock it.

To stop the screen from being locked, right-click the KPowersave icon (plug or battery, depending on current power source). Click on "Configure KPowersave," then the tab "General Settings." Uncheck "Lock screen on lid close" and click "Apply."

If "General Settings" contain "Button Events" part (appeared in MEPIS 8), you can configure "Lid close Button" (action of closing the lid) to do "Suspend to RAM". This action used to be problematic but now works perfectly on e.g. Asus Eee PC and is very convenient if you want to work in public transport whenever you can and save batteries in minutes when you cannot.

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