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This page is intended to set a standard format for articles in MEPIS Wiki.

This is short list of standard practices in this Wiki:

  • Capitalize only the first word in page titles, example: "Manual of style" not "Manual of Style"
  • Each page should be assigned to at least one category
  • Use lower case in articles (no SHOUTING). For stress, if needed, use bold face. Try not to use it excessively.
  • For console commands use this format (note single space before text to create code box):
this is a console command
  • Break longer entries into subunits by using section headers surrounded by two equals signs. Where relevant, make the first subunit an "Introduction" that provides background to the article.
  • Bottom links: Introduce with the underlined (<u>TEXT</u>) word "Links", then introduce each link with an asterisk, like this:
*[URL1 Name you want for URL1]
*[URL2 Name you want for URL2]
  • "MEPIS" should be always capitalized.

Please edit this list and add other relevant info, use Talk:Manual of style for discussing different elements.

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