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Note: The url used here is specific to 'konqueror' browser and requires it to be the default KDE browser.

Users coming from Windows may miss the "My Computer" icon they had on their desktop. MEPIS does not have this icon, but you can get something similar in the following way:

  1. Right-click the desktop
  2. Select "Create New --> Link to Location (URL)..."
  3. For name, enter "My Computer" or any other name you like.
  4. For location, type:
  5. When you click the new icon of a desktop computer, you will see "Home Folder", "Remote Places", "Storage Media", "Trash" and "Users Folders".

If you prefer an icon that simply shows all of your drives and storage devices, use "media:/" instead of "system:/". These locations both refer to "kio slaves", which are virtual locations on your system. For more information, see Kioslaves -- browsing different protocols in Konqueror.

For Mepis 8.5.x

  1. Right-click the Desktop
  2. Select Folder View Settings (or Desktop Settings)
  3. Select Location
  4. Click the Show a place radio button and choose Root
  5. Click Apply
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