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Nvidia : Currently Supported

  • Geforce FX series
  • Geforce 6 series
  • Geforce 7 series
  • Geforce 8 series
  • Geforce 6100 series
  • NVIDIA Quadro NVS 210S
  • Limited SLI support

*This may not be the latest driver available from Nvidia and newer versions are periodically added to the Mepis package pool

Nvidia : Official Legacy Driver Support 7xxx series

The First official Nvidia Legacy driver is the 7xxx series driver. This driver is technically available in the MEPIS 7 Repositories

AIGLX is NOT Supported in the 7xxx series driver
That means that Compiz/Beryl will not work on 7xxx series drivers

  • TNT
  • TNT2 series
  • Geforce series
  • Geforce 2 series
  • Geforce 2 MX series
  • Geforce 3 series
  • Geforce 4 MX series
  • Geforce 4 series
  • Nforce Socket A
  • Nforce 2 Socket A

Nvidia : Official Legacy Driver Support 96xx series : Mepis 6.5 Legacy Driver Support

Nvidia have listed the 96xx driver as an Official Legacy Driver. This is the Legacy driver that Mepis 7 series defaults to. The support for cards not found in the 100.xx set are as follows:

  • Geforce 2 series
  • Geforce 3 series
  • Geforce 4 series

Nvidia : No Official Linux Driver

  • Riva 128

Nouveau : Open Source Nvidia Drivers

Reputed to now work better than the Xorg NV driver, but there is currently no support for this driver from Mepis, and is untested to date (Mar 2010) -but watch this space.


Compiz/Beryl : Notes

  • There is a memory leak with the existing 9xxx series of Nvidia drivers that mishandles AIGLX calls. The problem appears to relate towards clearing the Graphics Memory Buffer of the 3D window data. The result is that video memory is rapidly used up. When Beryl runs out of Video memory to use, windows will start displaying black screens within the Windowing decorations.
  • Currently Nvidia has no intention of fixing the memory handling problem in the 9xxx series of drivers. The issue was partially addressed in the 100.xx releases, but has not yet been completely fixed.
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