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A package can be pinned or locked to stop upgrading or installation. Here, the example is with Nvidia drivers that might break if Debian releases new version and you do an upgrade.
GUI method

  1. Open Synaptic
  2. Highlight the package you want to pin (examples below). To highlight more than one, use Ctrl-Click to select them
  3. On the top menu, click Package --> Lock package

NOTE: this only pins the package inside Synaptic, so if you use

apt-get update && apt-get upgrade 

in a terminal, the package will be treated as unpinned.

CLI method
Run command "kdesu kwrite" and open the file:


For the Nvidia drivers, add the following entries:

Package: nvidia-glx
Pin: version 1.0.7174*
Pin-Priority: 1000
Package: nvidia-kernel-source
Pin: version 1.0.7174*
Pin-Priority: 1000
Package: nvidia-kernel-2.6.10
Pin: version 1.0.7174*+MEPIS.3.3
Pin-Priority: 1000
Package: nvidia-kernel-common
Pin: version 1.0.7174*
Pin-Priority: 1000
  • Version 1.0.7174 is used only as an example, check the current version of your drivers by typing into a terminal:
dpkg -l nvidia*


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