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You can remove programs with:

apt-get -- in terminal as root

the command is "apt-get remove packagename" (use TAB for autocompletion of the package name)
to remove completely the configuration files use "apt-get remove --purge packagename"


Select the package and select "Uninstall", provide the password when prompted
To remove more packages, select multiple packages by clicking in the "mark" column and select: "Uninstall Marked"


Right click on the package and select "Mark for removal" or "Mark for complete removal" (this deletes the configuration files too) -> Click "Apply"

dpkg -- in terminal as root

dpkg -r packagename
dpkg -P packagename (symilar to apt-get remove --purge)

Removing Software installed with "make install"

make uninstall
if the previous method doesn't work, run "make -n install" to find out what files to remove.

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