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Reporting bugs: please report bugs by sending an e-mail to

How to report bugs

  1. Make sure the download file is OK: Check the integrity of the downloaded file and that MEPIS CD is OK: Checking the integrity of the Live CD
  2. Submit a detailed but concise report, provide all relevant information regarding the hardware and software that you use

As a guideline, include output from following cmds [for system-hang/freeze, 'hwinfo' output is essential]:

uname -a (this provides 32vs64 info and specific kernel in use)

apt-cache show <linux-image-2.6.27-1-mepis-smp> | grep Version (remove <>, replace with YOUR installed 'linux-image' shown in Synaptic)

hwinfo --netcard --gfxcard | grep --context=3 Driver

[Note: The 'hwinfo' command requires SU (superuser) privileges.]

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