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S3 : X.org Supported cards

S3 comprises of several different integrated products, mostly found in laptops and lower end machines. X.org currently has 3 different drivers included for S3 chips.

None of these drivers support AIGLX.

  • S3 - The X.org S3 driver supports Trio64 and older chipsets
  • S3 Virge - This driver supports S3 Virge and S3 Trio3D
  • Savage - This driver supports the Savage chipset series. DRI does work on the Savage driver.

S3 : X.org Non-Supported cards

  • Unichrome
  • Gammachrome
  • Deltachrome

S3 : Via Supported cards

These drivers do not support AIGLX

  • Unichrome - Unichrome drivers are available for several different Linux distributions. [1]

S3 : Via Non-Supported cards

  • Pretty much everything but Unichrome has no official driver candidate for support.
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