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Smb4K is a package designed to enable you to mount (and unmount) a share on a network drive. This may be found more convenient than the facility in Dolphin or Konqueror to access a share and copy files across. SMB4K works in conjunction with KDE Wallet Manager to save passwords securely. Also, Smb4K can be used to allow LibreOffice and to open files across a network.



Smb4K can be installed via Synaptic from the main Community Repository. It can be run from KMenu >>> Utilities >>> Smb4K

MEPIS 8.0 and 8.5

The MEPIS 8.5 repository contains Warren's own version of SMB4K. This works well. The Lenny version of SMB4K is in the Lenny repositories, and works well in MEPIS 8.0.


SMB4K is preinstalled in SimplyMEPIS. To use it, click on the smb4k icon in the system tray (it's the computer with the green screen). You can browse the network neighborhood on the left and double-click a share to mount the share on your machine. Once mounted, the share will appear in the top-right frame. You can click on this share and browse through it with Konqueror.


For ANTIX 8.5, SMB4K version 0.10.7, the version in the Squeeze/Sid repositories (as in September 2010), may have difficulty in mounting shares on some older network drives. These difficulties can be overcome by compiling version 0.10.8 from source obtainable at the SMB4K home site. But it may still be necessary to explicitly mount a named share by means of the "mount manually" function.



  1. Start Smb4K with KMenu >>> Utilities >>> Smb4K
  2. You will get a Blue Globe network icon in the system tray
  3. Note if at some point you get the Kwallet window: Recommend Basic Setup, Next, Finish or select “Allow Always” if Kwallet is already setup. You can always revise Kwallet settings in future if you desire.
  4. Choose 'Network Neighborhood' tab at bottom
  5. Choose your network and computer name and once you click on the share desired, it should be mounted to /home/user/smb4k/[computer name]/[share name].
  6. Note: If you get a ‘mount error could not resolve address...’ you will need to edit your /etc/hosts file - see below
  7. You should now be able to access the network share via Dolphin or LibreOffice, etc via /home/user/smb4k/[computer name]/[share name].

edit /etc/hosts

  1. Ensure that the computer which you are trying to connect to has a fixed ip address. If necessary, edit your router's configuration to achieve this.
  2. Find the ip address of the computer you are trying to connect to. Try this command
    nmblookup WORKGROUP -T
  3. Use Kwrite to edit /etc/hosts as root
  4. Underneath the first few lines with ip addresses, Add the line:
    [ipaddress] [TAB] [COMPUTER_NAME]
    example:        BEDROOM-PC
  5. Save and close Kwrite

Persistent Set-up

If you want make the above setup persistent and available everytime you boot up:

  1. Add Smb4K to your autostart.
  2. Smb4K >>> Settings >>> Configure Smb4K >>> Shares >>> check “Remount recently used shares on program start”
  3. Also note where the Directories Mount Point is. By default it is /home/user/smb4k. If you’d like you can change it to something else.

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