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This method works for MEPIS version 6.5 or higher. For older versions please see: Windows XP/98 boot loader (method for older MEPIS)

  1. When installing MEPIS choose to install GRUB in the root of the MEPIS partition.
  2. Mount Windows XP or Windows 98 partition (if you resized that partition you need to reboot and check the drive in Windows first):
    1. open filemanager, type media:/ in address bar and press Enter.
    2. click on the Windows partition (usually the first partition of the first drive, or the second partition in case you have a factory recovery partition).
  3. Press F4, this should open a terminal in that folder.
  4. Type (double check that you typed correctly before you press Enter):
dd if=/dev/MEPIS_root of=boot.lnx bs=512 count=1
 --> where MEPIS_root the actual name of the root partition where you installed MEPIS (e.g. hda3 or sdb1)

Finally type (or copy&paste from here to avoid mistakes):

echo 'c:\boot.lnx="MEPIS 6.5"' >> boot.ini
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