Sources for Help with MEPIS Linux

Need more information on how to install MEPIS on your computer? Wondering how to set up some hardware? Having a problem? MEPIS users enjoy a lot of possibilities for help:

MEPIS Linux User's Manual

Written by MEPIS users who volunteer for the Community Documentation project, this excellent resource is the place to start. It covers all the basics of installation, configuration, troubleshooting, basic/advanced use, and more. It's on the MEPIS LiveCD, the installed desktop, and online:
MEPIS 11 Users Manual
MEPIS 8.5 Users Manual
MEPIS 8 Users Manual
MEPIS 7 Users Manual


Continually edited and updated, the Wiki provides more detailed information on general and specific topics. Subject categories and two search methods make it easy to find what you are looking for.
MEPIS Community Wiki

MEPIS Community Forum

Several years' worth of searchable discussions provide a wealth of detail on user's concerns. Questions (requires registration) are quickly answered by volunteer members of the world-wide MEPIS users community, and the only stupid question is the one you don't ask.
MEPIS Community Forum

Help with earlier MEPIS versions can be found in the Archives