MEPIS Linux is desktop Linux the way you want it.

Easy to Try

  • Runs from Live-CD before you install
  • Automagically configures itself to your PC hardware
  • Boot the MEPIS CD and, in about one minute, you can be using Linux

Easy to Install

  • Easy installation wizard guides you through simple installation step-by-step
  • A disk partitioning tool with a familiar graphical interface helps you adjust disk space
  • MEPIS Linux is compatible with all versions of MS-WIndows

Easy to Use

  • Hundreds of software programs are preinstalled and fully configured to be ready to use
  • Thousands of additional specialized applications are available
  • The acclaimed package management system known as APT makes software download and installation painless
  • There's lots of help for you, ranging from the comprehensive and accessible Users Manual linked on the Desktop to specialized support for individual applications

Extra Features

  • The LiveCD also functions as a system repair and recovery disk
  • The CD image is compressed to provide over 1,900 software packages on one CD

Custom Linux

  • The unique nature of MEPIS Linux makes it an ideal foundation for developing a custom version of Linux for large scale deployment.
  • MEPIS is available to work with integrators and end user clients to develop privately branded and optimally tweaked Linux configurations.
  • For more information, click on the "Business Solutions" tab at the top of the page.