Download MEPIS

You can download testing and released versions of MEPIS for free from the mirror sites listed below. Points to bear in mind:

  • Sometimes the testing versions are in a testing directory and the released versions are in a released directory.
  • The mirrors may be a bit behind the MEPIS Premium download site.
  • The first day or two a new ISO is released, a particular mirror may not have the ISO or they may have an incomplete copy. This is caused by the mirror attempting to grab the ISO before it has completely uploaded to their source site. If a mirror site has a bad ISO file, it should be replaced during the next automatic update at that site. Most sites update once per day.
  • If different mirrors offer ISOs of different sizes, the larger ISO is probably correct.
  • Some mirrors get out-of-date from time to time.
  • If you can't find a particular version at one site, it may be available at one of the other sites.

Do you know of a mirror that is not on our list? Do you want to set up a mirror? Is there a problem with the mirror list? For all mirror related issues, please email


North American ISO Mirrors (University of North Carolina)
(These mirrors have not been updated recently) (Indiana University) (Virginia Tech)

European ISO Mirrors (University of Crete - Greece) (Artfiles New Media GmbH - Germany)