This is very important to remember! The charge should appear as "MEPIS" or "MEPIS LLC." If you have a question about a charge, contact MEPIS via the Contact Form or by phone.

MEPIS is NOT able to process checks or money orders. Please do not attempt to place orders by mail or phone.

There are several possible reasons your charge may be declined:

* Your information may be entered incorrectly
* Your bank may have an older billing address on file
* You may have forgotten to enter the 3 digit card code
* You may be over your daily limit
* Your bank may have disabled internet transactions
* PayPal may be having difficulties

The Coupon Code was issued in 2004. We did not receive any income when you purchased the book, and we no longer honor the coupon.


It is preferred that you contact MEPIS using the Contact The MEPIS Store form in the Store Menu or you may be able to reach us by calling +1.304.288.0993 during regular business hours (US East Coast time).

MEPIS sends notifications by email. If your email address was incorrect or your email account has aggressive spam blocking, it may improperly delete or redirect email coming from the MEPIS Store. You should receive a purchase receipt within minutes of making a purchase.

When you buy a subscription, the download instructions will be available when you return to the MEPIS site after making your payment at PayPal. Please save a copy of the instructions on your computer for future reference.

If you do not receive an expected message, first you should verify that you used a valid email address when placing your order and that the email account is not full or blocked. If you're sure your email address is ok, then if you contact MEPIS and describe your situation, if necessary we can manually send information directly to you.