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These are alternative ways to boot without installing GRUB on MBR:

You can install GRUB on the root partition and use another boot loader to chainload it. After you install GRUB in root partition:

  1. Use GRUB or LILO from another Linux installation (chainload GRUB).
  2. Installing GRUB on the MBR of a second drive.
  3. Boot Mepis from the Windows MBR using BootPart program.
  4. Smart Boot Manager.
  5. Use GAG Boot Manager.
  6. Create and use a GRUB floppy.
  7. Windows XP/98 boot loader (MEPIS version 6.5 or higher).
  8. EasyBCD - configure Vista/Win-7's boot loader to boot other operating systems
  9. Migrate to GRUB 2; Transitioning to a new boot loader

Boot methods without installing:

  1. LiveCD – Run MEPIS from a CD-ROM without installation to the hard drive.
  2. Bootable MEPIS USB key - This is like running the LiveCD, except you will boot and run MEPIS from a USB thumb drive.
  3. Portable MEPIS on USB hard drive – Will boot MEPIS from an external USB hard drive.
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