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Installing MEPIS 8 on Asus Eee PC 900
This is a case study based on 20 gig Eee PC 900 with built-in webcam. The 20 Gig consists two Solid State Drives (SSD): 4 Gig primary and a 16 Gig Secondary SSD. This guide will install (overwrite) the 4 Gig SSD and erase any existing OS.
These are the basic steps, so if you need more details or want to install to a SDHD card, please search the MEPIS wiki/forums or the EeePC wiki/forums:


Boot and install MEPIS on the Eee PC

Enable Wireless in BIOS

  • Reboot and at the first boot screen, Press F2 to Enter BIOS
  • Under the advanced option, enable wireless
  • Save the settings and reboot

Enable Wireless Device and Connect

  • In Mepis Network assistant >> General tab >> select 'automatic' mode
  • Log out and re-log back in or Reboot if needed
  • Start kNetworkManager >> Options >> Configure >> general settings: select the 'start on login' option
  • Log out and re-log back in or Reboot if needed
  • Right click on the KNetworkManager and select your network and enter WPA or WEP key

Fix Screen Resolution to 1024x600

  • Install and run smxi
  • Reboot if needed
  • Right-click on Desktop >> Configure Desktop >> Display tab select 1024x600 resolution
  • Select "apply settings on KDE startup"
  • OK and Close the window

Fix Microphone

  • Open kmix (right-click the speaker icon)
  • on the "Switches" tab, select front mic
  • on the "Input" tab and make sure the red LED's are lit and raise all levels to maximum

Other Optional Tweaks

  • Open Synaptic and reload. Install eeepc-acpi-scripts and all upgrades.
  • To see status of CAPS LOCK, etc: add keyboard status applet to the kicker panel: right-click in kicker >> add applet to panel
  • The splashy causes a 20 second longer boot time; to speed it up, change the GRUB to nosplash or make a custom splash less than the default.
  • The secondary SSD is not be automatically mounted or used. The /user/home resides on the primary 4 Gig SSD. This can be changed using standard instructions that can be found in the forums/wiki.
  • If you use suspend feature (lid-close or Fn-F2) and the wireless will not reconnect after coming out of hiberation, install Wicd using Synaptic.


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