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  1. Download the new LPR drivers from: If you previously installed brother LPR drivers on your pc, make sure you don't miss the extended uninstall information on that page! (e.g. it involves removing the file "libbrcompij2" (Symbolic Link) in "/usr/lib" for MFC210c)
  2. Once the file has downloaded double-click on it to open the .deb in kpackage for installation
    1. Click the "Install" button
    2. Click "Install" again
    3. Enter your root password
    4. If you see "RESULT=0" and the end of the resulting text output in kpackage the driver installed correctly! If RESULT=[something else] please drop a line on the community forum so we can help! You can also see the Brother installation guide at:
  3. Download the new CUPS drivers/wrappers from: For brother printers, labeled with a red "*", you may need to create some links before installing the driver. Please read the notes section in the above page to find out what to do in that case.
  4. Follow the rather extensive installation guide for the CUPS driver/wrapper at:

Here is a note on how to change some printer settings of the LPR driver, in case you have the need for it:

BrotherPrinterInstall alias (for Mepis 11, Mepis 12 & MX-14)

A ~/.bashrc alias can be created to download, extract and run the linux-brprinter-installer-2.0.0-1 installer script. Using the alias the Brother printer & scanner .deb packages can be installed by just typing BrotherPrinterInstall in a terminal. See the following forum post:


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