Installing MEPIS on old hardware

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In case you have old hardware and low memory and KDE would not run or run very slowly, you can install MEPIS without starting KDE in this way:



If you don't have a swap partition on the harddisk it's a good idea to repartition it and make a swap partition that can later on be used by MEPIS. To do so you can use GParted LiveCD or any other tool that doesn't have big memory requirements.


  1. Boot MEPIS CD (you might need to choose "boot minimum" for some older systems, and possibly add "res=[desired screen resolution]" (res=800x600) to the boot options)
  2. When the CD finishes to load select Failsafe from Sessions menu
  3. Log in using user: demo, password: demo
  4. In the terminal window type:
su (+ root password)
  1. Continue the install following installation instructions, starting from step 7.

After installation

(if you want to use a lighter Desktop Environment than KDE)

  1. Reboot and use the same procedure to start X and then connect to the Internet using kppp (if you have modem) or start mnetwork (or mutilities in older versions than 6.5) to configure your Ethernet or Wireless connection.
  2. Type: apt-get update && apt-get install fluxbox (to install Fluxbox or other favorite light Desktop Environment to replace KDE).


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