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This package is available in the Mepis 8 repos.


Ever had a PDF form that you wanted an easy way to fill out while looking professional? The are tutorials on the web for using The Gimp to do this, but it can be a bit awkward and can degrade the quality. PDFedit is a program that can solve your problem and more. A description from their site:

Free editor for PDF documents. Complete editing of PDF documents is possible with PDFedit.
You can change raw pdf objects (for advanced users) or use many gui functions. 
Functionality can be easily extended using a scripting language (ECMAScript).

If we are not using MEPIS 8 we can compile it.

Install Prerequisites

As root

apt-get install libqt3-mt-dev libboost-dev libboost-iostreams-dev xlibs-dev

Download and unpack

Download the latest version of pdfedit from their sourceforge site: http://sourceforge.net/projects/pdfedit

cd to the directory where the file was downloaded and untar the file.

Compile and install

cd pdfedit-*
export QMAKESPEC=linux-g++
make install

It also makes documentation that can be found at pdfedit-*/doc/user/user_doc.html.

Fire it up

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